Looking for variegated cuttings

Anyone who has variegated cuttings of any plants? Willing to swap. Living in UK here will pay the post if there’s any.

what do you have for swap?

I have cuttings for swap

Epipremnum aureum
Monstera Standleyana
Philodendron erubescens

i am interested in monstera standleyana.
i have cuttings of hoya sigilatis, satin pothos, N’joy pothos, Hoya rotundiflora, Hoya linearis, string of hearts, Monstera Adensonii amd Hoya Rosita.
is your standleyana a veregated plant?

It is variegated.
Is your adensonii variegated?

no… veregated adensonii is extremely rare😊
if you want any cutting from my collection?

I’m looking for variegated foliages. Already got 100+ houseplants. Thanks anyways. :blush:

ok thank you so much😊

Hi Aisha,

Swap with me.
Im interested in your Sigilatis in exchange for a Standleyana cutting.

Let me know!

Thank you!

Hi there, thanks for your offer. its Hoya Sigilatis. i am attaching a pic of that so that you can see how it looks like,then guide me how we can go through cutting exchange process… i am new to this page, i don’t know how does it works.

Thank you Aisha!

If swapping we agree on what and send each other pictures. Then on private messaging we exchange addresses and send cuttings at own cost to each other.

I would love a cutting of your Sigialitis please.

Thank you!