Looking for string of hearts and monstera adinsonii

I live in the country in cali and havent found annny yet in the local store and really want to add it to my collection , i dont have much but im willing to trade !

Hi! I also live in cali, I currently dont have any adansonii or string of hearts but I do have other plants to trade ! You can message me on here or on ig @natassja00 and i can send you photos of what i have :slight_smile:

I have some adonsonii. What have you got? :blush:

Hello , im new to plants so i dont have any “exotic” ones ,
I have the list of whay i have on my profile if tou wanna take a look:)

I’ve got an adanasonii with really nice large leaves that I’ve already rooted a cutting from. You can see all of my plants including it on Instagram @lbtropicals . Message me there or here if you’re interested!