Looking for Stapelia, euphorbia varieties, rhipsalis paradoxa,

Can trade for cuttings of:
Huernia macrocarpa
Cebu blue
Hoya DS70/bilobata
Epiphyllum ‘curly locks’ - curly orchid cactus
Hoya curtisii
Philodendron micans
String of hearts - variegated
String of hearts
String of spades - similar to string of hearts, but leaves are more pointed, like a spade
Hoya krinkle 8
Hoya Krimson Princess
Maranta lemon lime
Tradescantia Zebrina - the super purple one
Hoya pubicalyx
Purple oxalis triangularis bulbs
Euphorbia xyl-something… I think I’ve heard it called “paddle cactus”

Hi! I can trade you a Stapelia cutting for a paddle cactus cutting. Would you be interested?

The “paddle cactus” is euphorbia xylophylloides.

Do you know what variety Stapelia you have?

I will send you a picture tomorrow morning

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I’m not entirely sure what kind this is. It’s spikes are soft and they don’t prick you. It roots very easily! My grandma brought me this cutting from one of her plants. She lives in the south.

I have a bunch of stapelia variegata I can trade for some philodendron mican my Instagram is lisa_marie422 if you want to message me on there

Do you know what the flowers look like?

Sure, I’ll be happy to send you some Micans cuttings

I’m sorry I have no idea! Since it’s just a cutting and I haven’t had it very long, I suppose I won’t know until this summer.

Wonderful! Do you want to email your information? Ams.sanders422@gmail.com

@putaplantonit I have a stapelia gigantea I could trade for your variegated string of hearts or your Hoya krinkle 8. Do you happen to have any other hoyas for trade?

I have Hoya pubicalyx, H carnosa Krimson Queen and princess, H Curtisii, H obovata

Would you like to trade some krinkle 8 and variegated strong of hearts for a large, rooted piece of my stapelia?

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