Looking for someone to swap with <3

Hello <3
If you are interested in swapping with me, I’m looking for lipstick plants, silver satin pothos, a string of hearts, and what every yall are interested in trading, just let me know, I have bear paw cutting, Brazil philodendron cuttings, rubber plant (black)

@Nataliesplantswap Hello, my name is Michael and I live in South Central Texas. I have many succulents that I am willing to ship as cuttings or as whole rooted plants that are dug up (keep in mind that the winter months have shown some dormancy in the plants, nonetheless they thrive off of neglect). I can also give you some advice as to how to plant them and how to care for them if you’d like. Please message me if you are interested at all.

I have multiple plant for trade, including Satin Pothos, Hoya Carnosa ‘compacta’ (Hindu Rope), Pencil Cactus, Euphorbia Trigona, Thanksgiving Cactus, and more. In return, I would love some black rubber tree. My Instagram is my.jungle.abode

Its actually a burgundy rubber tree I just found the actual name x,D

Oh, well I’d still be interested in a trade!

Hey, I would love you soap with you for some satín pothos cuttings and some euphorbia cuttings! I have a rubber tree and many other houseplants that I would be more than happy to send. My email is Jessicarico10@gmail.com