Looking for some cuttings

I want:
• Philodendron billietiae
• Sansevieria masoniana
• Syngonium wendlandii
• Alocasia dragon scale
• Christia Obcordata
• Pothos cebu blue
• Hoya deykeae
• Hoya obscura
• Peperomia watermelon

I have (rooted cuttings):
• Monstera adansonii
• Monstera karstenianum
• Pothos n’joy
• Pothos marble queen
• Pilea peperomioides (small plant)
• Hoya linearis
• Hoya polyneura (unrooted)
• Selenicereus Anthonyanus
• Philodendron squamiferum (rooted leaf)
• Philodendron micans (unrooted)
• Sansevieria kirki blue
• Dischidia nummularia (string of coins) (unrooted)

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Hi there,

I have the Masoniana available.
Im interested in the above mentioned ones…

Would you like to trade?

image image

Wow that’s really big! My kirki blue is a pup that just came out. I attach you a picture for you to tell me if it’s OK for you.
The string of coins is unrooted.

Thank you!

Yes, it’s beautiful!
I would love that and the unrooted string of coins please.
I can post on Monday.
Thank you dear!

Pm you…

hi, i have a watermelon peperomia which is quite a decent size and already rooted, and what was sold to me as a cebu blue but I’m unsure if it 100% is.

i would be happy to swap these two for the philodendron squamiferum?

let me know if you are interested :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @la_lunee. Could you send me a picture of your cuttings, please? :blush:

of course! i’ll send them as soon as i get home! :slight_smile:

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