Looking for rooted hoya, possibly not carnosa or bella and other cool stuff

Looking for some cool rooted hoya plants or other interesting plants. Preferably colourful plants, like a pink syngonium, or anything there is you have to offer. ALSO interested in CEBU BLUE POTHOS

I have
-string of turtles
-string of hearts
-silver philodendron (hastatum)
-sedum succulent
-rooted marble queen pothos
-baby begonia’s (escargot and more)
-golden pothos
Calathea network/mosiaca x4 (established plants)

Hey! I have quite a few rooted hoyas - I have hoya crinkle 8, hoya crimson queen, hoya carnosa albomarginata and hoya retusa. I also have a pink syngonium or a monstera peru cutting, all of them rooted!

I would be interested in the silver philodendron and the marble queen pothos!

Let me know if any of these interest you!

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Hey I’d love to do a swap for a silver philodendron hastutum cutting and/or Calathea network. I have two established syngonium ‘neon robusta’ in a 5.5cm pots, could easily combine them in one pot or anything else in this list;

  • Calathea rufibarba baby plant x2
  • Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Triloba’ fresh cuttings or might be able to separate a chunk :laughing: x few
  • Peperomia rotundifolia rooted cutting x1 or fresh cuttings xfew
  • Crassula muscosa fresh cuttings xfew

Anything of interest to you? Happy to bundle a couple of things together

Hey I don’t have ant of the plants you listed but I have the following

Moonstone succulent
Spider plant
Aloe black gem alworthia
Not sure what type but I have lots of a blue/purple/green echeveria
Sedum stahlii
Echeveria setosa (Mexican Firecracker)
Burros Tail
Loooooads of what I believe to be an Echeveria blue prince

Not rooted
Delosperma echinatum (pickle plant)
Variagated Jade- Crassula ovata ‘lemon and lime’
Marble queen pothos
Crassula Ovata Jade plant
Peperomia rotundifolia
Crassula rupestris
Prayer plant

Would any of these interest you because I will sacrifice my arm for a Tetrasperma haha. I’d be willing to cover both of our postage costs or something like that.


I have a pink edged draceana that I’ll post pics of. I’m not able to take cuttings of this however so you would be getting the full plant. I would happily trade for cuttings of tetrasperma, escargot begonia, or any of your trailing plants

IMG_2330sorry the lighting is pretty bad

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Hey! Back from holiday now. I would happily do that swap! please email me and i will send you my number so we can talk over whatsapp :slight_smile: