Looking for Ric Rac cactus, string of hearts, other non traditional cacti like rhipsalis

Have to trade

—Entire plant—
Philodendron Brasil
Peperomia pepperspot/Ruby Cascade (seems to be the same)
Pilea Mollis
Sansieveria starfish
Maranta L tricolor
Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata
Small ficus elastica
Variegated elephant bush
Tiger tooth aloe

Purple Heart
ZZ - rooted cutting
Orchid cactus - epiphyllum monstrosa
Burro’s tail
Sansevieria moonshine
Hoya carnosa variegated
Easter cactus

On IG @put_a_plant_on_it
(There’s another underscore at the end that doesn’t seem to show when I post)

Interested in pepperspot and orchid cactus.

This is the Peperomia

This is the orchid cactus

I’d be down to trade some burros tail for your peperomia ruby cascade. Dm me on insta @Petalsinfullbloom

HI there, I have selenicereus anthonyanus cuttings and can send ceropegia snips too. Interested in some of your peperomomia ruby cascade or orchid cactus. I’m on IG @farm.coast.house.plants xx

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Wow that sounds perfect! I’ll DM you on IG.

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