Looking for Rhipsalis paradoxa cuttings

Cuttings to offer; Lepismium bolivianum, pothos njoy, solves pothos, heart leaf philo, philo Brazil, calathea network, banana plant, begonia… a few others can always ask.

I have some Pilea depressa that i can take cuttings of as well as some hoya linearis that rooting just now if your interested! Do you have any other plants you can take cuttings of. I also have other plants like succulents, cactus and others

Hi, I am looking for Rhipsalis paradoxa at the minute if you have any available?

So sorry I don’t have any😑

Have Ramulosa Red, Baccifera Hórrida, Cassutha - common.
Is there anything else you would consider for a cutting of your bolivianum?

Hi there,
I have the Rhipsalis Paradoxa plantlet available now.
I would love to trade for your Bolivianum…

Let me know!

Thank you!


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