Looking for r. tetrasperma, anthuriums, philos, and other aroids

I’m looking for some cuttings of a rhaphidophora tetrasperma, any anthuriums (but the rarer the better), any rare/interesting philodendrons, and any other unique aroids.
I have plenty of cuttings available like begonia wightii, pilea peperomioides, variegated prayer plant, ficus lyrata, ficus eleastica, monstera adansonii, and many more.
Check out my instagram @lbtropicals to see pictures of all my plants if you’re interested. You can also DM me there to talk.
I’m happy to trade or pay cash.

Hi! I have a r.tetrasperma if you’re interested I can take a cutting for you if you want. I am asking $30+$10 shipping
My insta is @plantingsociety :slight_smile:

I’ve actually already acquired an r. tetrasperma but thanks for the offer! :blush: