Looking for pothos, cebu blue, neon, jade and pearl

Looking to expand my pothos collection and share those I have.

I have absolutely loads of neon Pothos I can share! What do you have?

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Oh fab! Erm, not sure I will have anything you’d like… but

  • Hoya carnosa tri colour
    Maui Queen
    Marble queen pothos, satin pothos, golden pothos (huge leaves!)
    Bear paws
    Panda paws
    Watermelon pep fresh cuttings
    Diffienbachia Camilla division

What pothos do you have?

Hi Wendolina Am from Portugal do you send your swaps to Portugal?? Am new to house Plants in Portugal,because i came from south Africa ,and the only house plants that i can have indoor is poor light house plant ,but unfortunately in Portugal we do not have a great variety of pothos plants …Thank you Paula

Hi @Propagationtime sorry I know this is old but do you still have any left?

I have jade and pearls!

Hi There!

I’m from Portugal!

Are you still interested in any swap?