Looking for Pink Princess Philodendron or Varigated Monstera


Hi There Plant People !

I having plants/cutting of Philodendron Micans, Pothos n Joy, Watermelon Peperomia, Peperomia Pixie, Pencil Cactus, Philodendron Tuxla, Philodendron Cebu Blue, Varigated Prayer Plant, cebu blue philodendron,Senecio stapeliiformis, variegated rubber trees


Hi, I have a whole variegated rubber tree plant with white and some pink in it if you have some established Cebu Blue, and watermelon Peperomia plants :slight_smile: I’m in BC.


oh thats awesome. I actually managed to find a variegated rubber tree the tineke version with the pink in it. it the one you have the one with the white variation ? would you be able to send me a picture.


I have phelodendron pink and phelodendron princess.i can trade if you have scandipus treubii


As well as varigated runber tree


Hi there I do have a variegated rubber tree that I would be happy to trade you but I unfortunalty do not have scandipus trebuii. Are there any other plant your looking for ? would it be possible to see a photo of the pink princess philodendron ?


and if I don’t have any plants I could pay for it or could you tell me where you found it in Canada?

Thanks so much!


Please check my Instagram che_rasca. Sorry thats the only plant im currently wanting to have


ok no worries would it be possible to buy the pink princess philodendron or could you tell me where you got it?


Do you still have the pink princess available?
Once my Tradescantia Quadracolour has started to thrive I would be interested in a trade.


Yes i will save you a cutting and root her. Let me know when uts ready


I thought you were only looking for scandipus trebuii?


I will! It’s really taking it’s time but hopefully they take root and burst into a growth spurt