Looking for Philodendrons, Marantas, peperomia, hoyas

Hey there i have to trade Monstera Adansonii, pothos, brazil philo, silver pothos, jade, oxalis bulb. What can we trade friends :slight_smile:

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What kind of oxalis do you have? I have the purple triangularis and am looking for something different to grow together.

What kind of pep are you interested in? Check out my plants on instagram.

I have a marble peperomia, a tricolor peperomia, and a green philodendron if you are interested in any of those. I would definitely be interested in your Monstera Adansonii.

Hey here, I have a philodendron sodiroi cutting I would trade for some monstera adansonii! I also have some variegated wandering jew (green/white) as well.

hey there! i’ve been desperately searching for monstera adansonii and i have a black lipstick pagoda, marble queen pothos, variegated rubber tree, peperomia tricolor, peperomia pixie lime, and tradescantia zebrina

I would love that philo cutting, looks gorgeous. Would love to trade. Send me a messege

Hey! You’re interested in the philo sodiroi? It’s lovely for sure. What would you be interested in trading for?

I can trade you the Adansonii or any of the others i menstioned. Is the cutting just one leaf? My adansonii are rooted so you can pot them as soon as you get them.

The sodiroi is actually more of a division than a cutting. It’s a full leaf plus a bud and roots. I’ll send you a picture this evening!

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Yess thank you. Add me on instagram so we can comunicate @jacfue

I’m interested in your p. Sodiroi. I also have m. Adansonii to trade or string of pearls. Do you have any more to trade?

Hi! I have pilea cuttings available! You can see the cuttings on my IG (@thecamillestjungle). They’re getting bigger and bigger by the day! I’m interested in the Monstera Adansonii and the Silver Pothos! Let me know!!