Looking for philodendrons, anthuriums, and hoyas

Hi everyone,

Looking for
philodendron varieties:
p. gloriosum, p. melanochrysum, p. verrucosum, p. billietiae, p. atabapoense, p. holtonianum

anturium varieties:
a. magnificum, a. crystallinum, a. veitchii, a. warocqueanum

h. gracilis, h.obovata,

I have p. scandens brazil, ep. marble queen, ep. n joy, pothos regular, blue star fern plants, tradescantia zebrina (tons) and fluminensis (tons), bromeliad aechmea blue tango pups, ctenanthe burle-marxii (tons), maranta leuconerva (green variety, established plants and cuttings), pink syngonium (can separate from mother plant), sanseveria cuttings with grown pup, string of hearts, tradescantia Callisia Repens (Pink Panther), pilea peperomioides pups.
Also- I still have a spare macrame (message me for photos of anything)!

Also willing to BUY cuttings/plants from my wish list. Help me find them!


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Hey I don’t have any plants on your wish list but you have a few that are on mine. I would be willing to pay for cuttings :blush: I shall message you what ones I am interested in.

Updated list on February 23rd ^^

hello! i am interested in your satin pothos and alocasia black velvet.
i don’t have any plants on your wishlist but if you are open to other plants let me know. i am also willing to pay.

Hi, @LenusStrat I am sorry but I forgot to update the list. The alocasia is with @Carla-Louise-Bailey now but I can send you some satin pothos if you’d like.
Let me know if you’re interested and send me a message!

i have Hoya Linearis?