Looking for peperomias 🌱

Hi all
I’ve decided it’s time I added to my peperomia collection, show me what you have :hugs::seedling::green_heart:
I have various cuttings to trade. UK based :+1:
Especially would like:
Caperata red leaf variety,
Any variegated versions,
Ruby cascade,
Marmorata, silver.

I have Pilea

They are larger now

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Hi. I have one of those, what raindrop do you have? Ive a fresh cutting growing roots but would be interested in a baby plant.

I can get you a photo of my raindrop this evening x

Hi, thats fab thank you

They have orba/pixies for 2.50 ATM in my Morrison’s, worth a look x

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I have a watermelon peperomia that could be easily rooted from a couple of cuttings. Do you have any philodendrons or adroits

I have a watermelon plant but thanks