Looking for monstera adansonii

I’m looking to swap for or buy a monstera adansonii cutting (rooted or not) I’m fairly new to the indoor plant world, so I don’t have a lot to swap, but this is a list of what I have.

[Non rooted cuttings]
-monstera deliciosa
-silver Pothos
-creeping Jenny
-golden Pothos

[Rooted cuttings]
-random succulents
-baby cylindrical snake plant (I think)

And I still need to add more plants to my collection, so if you have anything else you’re willing to trade I would love to work something out.

My instagram is @Vangoghwandering_art

Hi there Sadie,
I’m about to prune my adansonii and root the cuttings to re plant in the same pot, to make it bushier :slight_smile: I could send you some rooted cuttings once they are ready, I won’t need all of them! Only, I would rather send them once rooted because I think they ship better. LMK if you’re willing to wait a bit if you can’t find one adansonii soon, I will gladly share mine with you! I’m @mysmallgreenworld on IG. Name is Dafne, from SoCal. Cheers!

I can send a non rooted monstera adansonii for a non rooted monstera deliciosa

I’m sorry but I can’t take any more cuttings from the mother plant anymore. and the cuttings I did have available are already going to new homes. but thank you for wanting to swap!

I would love some cuttings! I’ll dm you and we can work something out.

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Feel free to write if you’re interested! They are in water already, it’s a young plant but growing well for me so far :slight_smile: image

I messaged you on instagram. If you still want to send me some.

Hello I’m interested in the cuttings:) thank you in advance!

Hello! What cuttings are you interested in?

I’ve got an adanasonii with pretty impressive fenestrations and a fairly large leaf size. I’m interested in your monstera deliciosa. You can see the plant on Instagram @lbtroicals and message me here or there. Happy swapping!