Looking for jewel orchids cuttings EU

Hello, I would love to find jewel orchid cuttings.
I can offer cuttings of pothos, red cascade peperomia, philos, monstera, a small pilea, a small hastatum, a small adansonii, cuttings of various scented pelargoniums. I’m based in Ireland. If you have other interesting cuttings let me know. Thanks!

Hey, I have a ludisia discolour rooted cutting I can offer. May you send over some images please :blush:

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What are u interested in?

Mainly interested in philodendrons and pothos :blush:

Hi Maril, I have peperomia watermelon, peperomia raindrop, red begonia and maranta leuconera. I’m interested in your hastatum. I’m based in Ireland too :smile:

I can give you neon, exotica, njoy, pothios, brasil philo, rooted adansonii, monstera, hastatum, calathea orbifolia, moonshine sanseveria.

Would you send me pictures of your exotica, hastatum, moonshine sansiveria and orbifolia, please?

May I have an image on the neon please :blush:

cuttings pothos neon, pothos silver exotica, full plants : monstera adansonii, strawberry begonia

Hello, im in Dublin, maybe we could meet for a swap?

I like the exotica. I’m in Kerry, will you post ?

Im up for a post swap, but do you have other plants or cuttings? Kinda have the ones u listed. Cheers, Marie

Perfect. I’ll pm you.

That’s amazing, May you DM me
Your address please.

hi i have these two jewel orchids and im very interested in ur philo hastatum