Looking for Green oxalis bulbs, caladium, philos, Hoyas, monsteras + more

Open to other offers, have philodendron brasil, Peperomias, Pothos and succulents to trade, as well as some other things. :blush: my insta is @pottyboutplants

I primarily sell my cuttings on Etsy, and am limiting my collection to wishlist plants so I might be quite fussy sorry

I’m interested in the Succulent Orbea. What philodendrons are you after?

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I’m open to offers, but I already have Brasil :blush: Do you have any manjula Pothos still?

I do but the plant is taking its sweet time to grow into a bushy plant; it’s not quite ready to propagate yet :sweat_smile:

I have micans, marble queen, n’joy, and lemon lime I could take cuttings from if you’re interested in any of those?

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I’d love some n’joy! :blush:

I’ve DM’d you :slight_smile:

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