Looking for cuttings of Philodendron


I’ve been searching far and wide for a philodendron Lemon/Lime (Neon) , micans and pink princess in europe to buy or do a swap of cuttings? Seems I can only find it in US or else where in the world.

It’s been on my plant list for the longest and I realise I need it more than ever now!!


I have a neon plant, what cuttings do you have to swap? :slight_smile:

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I have currently rooting Monstera oblique, I have some brasils, marble pothos, njoy and philodendren scandens all rooting atm be about 2 weeks till they’re ready and rooted, unless you wanted a unrooted cutting?

Hi @thevineshop.co - I have all of those plants, unfortunately! Hopefully you’ll find some else to swap with.

@imsophiedavies ahh no worries, Hopefully someone has some somewhere I can grab hold of