LOOKING FOR CUTTINGS/new plant babies

Good morning! :blush:
I’m looking for anyone that’s willing to trade or share cuttings! Here are my lists:

Wish list:
•Pink princess
•White knight
•Hoya kerri variegata
•String of hearts
•Monstera adansonii
•Neon pothos
•Njoy pothos

What I have:
•Golden pothos
•Silver satin
•Maranta leuconeura (lemon lime)
•Philodendron brasil
•Calathea makoyana (peacock plant)
•Peperomia obtusifolia variegata
•Spider plant
•String of pearls

Most of these I’m willing to give cuttings. My Instagram is @laurasjungle message me with questions and hopefully we can make a deal :blush::handshake: