Looking for Chinese dunce cap, banana plant, monstera deliciousa or Chinese money tree clippings!

I have lots of echeverias (just ask!), dudleya Brittoni, rubber tree, Gollum, pearls, snake plants, ZZ, peace lily, plenty of rooted props, lemme know! :slight_smile:

I can see if I have a cutting of my monstera if you like?

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I’d like some rubber tree or ZZ if you would be interested. I have
•Rooted Peperomia Rotundifolia
•Semi rooted Money plant
•Ficus Benjamina (I think)
•Rooted mother of millions

Happy to send pics if you’re interested!

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That would be amazing thankyou!! Would you like anything in return??

I’d be happy to send some ZZ For a money plant or some mother of millions!!

@Ambywheaters That would be great! Would you like a bit of both?

Sorry they’re under grow lights but here are the Mother plants

@Ambywheaters Chinese money tree aka Pilea peperomiodes? I have a rooted cutting i could swap you?

This is my zz :slight_smile: Lots if new growth! A little bit of both would be lovely :heart_eyes:

That would be great! PM me and let me know what you’d like to swap it with :slight_smile:

That’s gorgeous! Can you PM your address?

Sure! Let me know yours too so I can send a couple clippings :slight_smile:

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Just packed cuttings up, will send soon :+1:

Wicked!! Me too :slight_smile: Got some lovely clippings for you!!

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:slight_smile: yay! I’m so excited to own a lil ZZ plant :grin:

Sent today! Should be there soon :+1:

Yours should be there either today or tomorrow!! :slight_smile:

I’m terribly sorry for the late response.
However I may have a Banana (dwarf musa) offshoot to share with you?