Looking for Chinese dunce cap, banana plant, monstera deliciousa or Chinese money tree clippings!


I have lots of echeverias (just ask!), dudleya Brittoni, rubber tree, Gollum, pearls, snake plants, ZZ, peace lily, plenty of rooted props, lemme know! :slight_smile:


I can see if I have a cutting of my monstera if you like?


I’d like some rubber tree or ZZ if you would be interested. I have
•Rooted Peperomia Rotundifolia
•Semi rooted Money plant
•Ficus Benjamina (I think)
•Rooted mother of millions

Happy to send pics if you’re interested!


That would be amazing thankyou!! Would you like anything in return??


I’d be happy to send some ZZ For a money plant or some mother of millions!!


@Ambywheaters That would be great! Would you like a bit of both?


Sorry they’re under grow lights but here are the Mother plants


@Ambywheaters Chinese money tree aka Pilea peperomiodes? I have a rooted cutting i could swap you?


This is my zz :slight_smile: Lots if new growth! A little bit of both would be lovely :heart_eyes:


That would be great! PM me and let me know what you’d like to swap it with :slight_smile:


That’s gorgeous! Can you PM your address?


Sure! Let me know yours too so I can send a couple clippings :slight_smile:


Just packed cuttings up, will send soon :+1:


Wicked!! Me too :slight_smile: Got some lovely clippings for you!!


:slight_smile: yay! I’m so excited to own a lil ZZ plant :grin:


Sent today! Should be there soon :+1:


Yours should be there either today or tomorrow!! :slight_smile: