Looking for Calatheas

Hello, I see the last post was last year. I wonder if people even come here anymore. I have some Calatheas for trade and looking for the ones I don’t have and anthuriums. Let me know if you’re interested and what you have. Talk later.


Hello, I have a few calatheas, what are you looking for?

Hello, thank you for replying. I collect Calatheas and have quite a few of them but there are some that I still don’t have. For instance Calathea Bella Carlina, Calathea Hierogliphica, Calathea Pavonii, Calathea Velossa and some more. Do you by any chance have some unusual calatheas? Thank you very much.

I don’t have any of those unfortunately, and it sounds like you’d likely have any of the others I have. Porbably the rarest I have that’s large enough to trade would be C. warsewiczii or C. undulata/Maui Queen

Yes, I do have those already. Thank you for taking time and responding to me. I’m also looking for anthurium warocqueanum (green one) and philodendron luxurians.

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Unfortunately can’t help with either of those. Good luck!