Looking for Calathea Orbifolia!

My local Ikea doesn’t really stock them and would be interested in swapping for a division :blush:

Hi, I can send you a division when weather gets better.
What plants/cutting do you have? Looking for
Philo erubescens/red emerald
Jewel orchids any type
African violets (other than blue)
Manjula pothos
Cissus climber
Siltepecana cutting
Scindaspus pictus
Monstera acuminata
Hoya matilde

I have lots of scindapsus pictus argyraeus cuttings if you are interested? I have orbifolia but could trade for something else

Hello, I’m up for that:)

Fab! What else are you up for trading?

I have pothos neon, brasil, exotica, string of turtles
Would that be of any use to you?

What’s the exotica like? I’ve got the others (they’re all my faves though! :joy:). Pm me if that’s easier? I don’t get notifications off here!