Looking for big leafed and variegated plants. Have also rares for trade (pics)🤩

Im looking for some trades. Specially variegates and big leafed plants :herb:

Also looking for:

monstera thai, variegated monstera,Monstera dubia, p.mamei, amydrium green, p. Plowmanii, macode petola, maranta, anthurium clarinervium, calathea fusion white, p. White princess, syngonium mottlet, syngonium panda, syngonium pink splash, verrucosum, zebrina, Frydek or another rare plants, big monsteras, syngoniums and philos.

What i have for trade (Pictures are examples) :

Without roots:

With roots:

I dont have lot of plants yet, so all offers are welcome :herb::raised_hands: Shipping in EU :airplane::tanabata_tree:

Hello !
I’ve got a monstera variegata and I’m willing to take a cut and exchange it with you. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m interested on the P Florida Ghost and the Albo Syngonium Variegata
I’m in the Paris region, in France.

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