Looking for Begonia Maculata!

Hi everyone,

Would love a cutting/rooting of Begonia Maculata if anybody has any going spare!

Am based in the UK and can swap for:

  • rooted strawberry begonia babies
  • variegated string of hearts cuttings
  • ivy cuttings
  • rooted pilea babies
  • jade plant cuttings
  • fishbone cactus cutting
    And more!


I’ll have a few in a couple of weeks. Willing to swap rather than sell them as I have been doing. Anything to increase the collection!

I have begonia maculata raddi and looking to swap for string of hearts. Based in the UK :blush:

@g111y do you still have cuttings from your begonia maculata? if so would you like to swap?

That looks like begonia lucerna the spots are much smaller than maculata x

Just done some more reading as I’m not that into begonias personally :scream: but Im always into learning more bout plants and its the ‘wightii’ I’m thinking of with the big polkas :+1: it sounds like the flowers are their giveaway x

I’ll have one in a couple of weeks if you’re interested.