Looking for an Alocasia Zebrina bulb

Looking for an Alocasia Zebrina bulb, I have the following,

Multiple sanseveria types (flat leaf, mikado, cylindica,)
Monstera Deliciosa baby (50cm, 4-5 leaves, rooted), could take fresh cuttings
Hoya carnosa
Donkey tail babies
Jap laurel variegated
Pothos (ready) & golden pothos (not ready yet)
Lithops seeds
Spider plant pups (white stripe and multiple shades)
Lavender (multiple types)
String of hearts
String of pears
ZZ Plant
Hedera (multiple styles)
Satin pothos

Hit me up!

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hi i have an alocasia zebrina and i would love some monstera cuttings for it if they have lobes or holes ( since mine has none and stopped growing)

Hiya! lets chat. I actually haze a zebrina, but you have other things i’d love. It might be just your day, I have a few rooted mosntera cuttings to trade, which are large and multileafed, or i could take a larged lobed cutting from the mother. That would be hufe to post though (the leaf alone is 30cm wide) so i’d be wanting to make a trade of reasonable value :slight_smile:


hi yes gladly just tell me what plants uld be intrested in and i can provide u with pictures so u can see the size

I’d be very interested in your black velvet Alocasia, Ficus normal, ficus ruby, ficus Abidjan. Do you have photos of those to hand please? Thanks

my ruby rubber tree isnt looking too hot rn but the leaves can still be used for propagation

They’re beauties!

I thought you needed a stem node to prop a ficus?

I’ll send a photo tomorrow of the possible monstera’s i could send, and obviously this would be provisional based on postage costs and whatnot, but would you be willing to trade a full monstera borsi plant for cuttings/bulbs of the Alocasia, ficus ruby and ficus Abidjan? They wouldn’t have to be big cutting sections

i could give u one of the alocasia leaves ( with the roots) and it already has a pregnant stem.
and i can take a stem cutting of my ruby rubber tree and the abdijan

Hi, sorry for slow reply. That works for me - I’m just aware you’re in austria, and that might make shipping ridiculous. have you sent to UK before?


i did send to uk a couple of times i have a friend there it is alright its not too expensive

Ok I understand, I can ship this week?