Looking for a plant swap

Available for trade

Monstera Adonsii
Monstera tetrasperma
Monstera deliciosa
Hoya curtsii
Hoya krinkle
Hoya crimson princess
Hoya tricolor
Hoya Obovata Hoya publicalyx splash
Shooting star Hoya
Var. Hoya compacta
Philodendron red emerald
Heart leaf pothos
Ficus triangularis
Raven zz
ZZ plant
Begonia maculata
String of hearts
Var. string of hearts
Silver glory string of hearts
Var. wax ivy

Looking for

Fishtail Hoya
Hoya krohniana
Ghost Hoya
Raphidophora decursiva
Scidapsus treubii moonlight/dark form
anthurium clarinervium/crystallinum
Philodendron strawberry shake
Philodendron gloriosum
Philodendron melano
& and other fun plant

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Hello! I would love any plant cuttings you are willing to part with. I don’t have anything on your want list but I am happy to pay for rooted cuttings or cuttings that do well in water. Let me know it that interests you :herb::blush:

Hello, I am interested in your Begonia Maculata, I dont have anything on your list but I was wondering if I could purchase a clipping? you can check out my instagram Knitsandnodes

Hi. Would you like a PPP

I also have a Burle Marxii Variegata

Hey Nik what were you looking to trade for?

Hi, interested in the variegated hindu rope. Have moonlight Scindapsus and fishtail hoya

My IG is @vikizplants, for faster response

I don’t have anything on your list, but have a variety or begonias, tons of different succulents, philodendron Brazil, rattlesnake plant, elephant ear, Christmas cactus, plumeria, and many others. All mentioned plants are planted in pots. Let me know if you would trade for any of your Hoyas or other listed plants.