Looking for a Cebu blue or a cutting

Looking for a Cebu blue or a cutting have lots of cuttings to swap :blush:

Good evening! I recently found houseplantswap and I saw your post. I have Cebu blue cuttings I would be happy to swap. You’re welcome to let me know if you haven’t found any cuttings of this plant yet!

Hey, That would be fantastic! Are you looking for anything in particular?

Hello, I am looking for cuttings of Cebu blue .
Do you still have some ? I have Alocasia black velvet for trade if you are interested or I can pay for it .

I also would appreciate Cebu blue cuttings…

I have cebu blue. Does anyone have jessenia to swap?

I am interested in swapping but I don’t have the one you are looking for but I do have Marble queen, N’joy pothos, philodendron Micans, satin pothos, string of hearts,and philodendron red emerald that I can take cuttings from.
I also have Monstera adensonii (very well rooted cuttings), Hoya linearis (plant) and Chinese evergreen silver king(plant).
If you are intrested in any of them, please PM me.

Hi Aisha
If Carla isn’t interested in the Chinese evergreen silver king, i would be. Not sure what you would be after for a swap tho?

Hi Autumnk,
What do you have to offer?
I am interested in Hoyas, philodendrons Monsteras and cebu blue pothos or different type of pothos. Not a fan of succulents, calethias etc.

I have all of those I’m afraid