Looking far a philodendron

Hi plant friends,
I have hoya obovata splash(2 leaved rooted cutting) and looking for any philodendron/ Monstera which I already don’t have in my collection.

Hello, do you have/want monstera karstenianum?

Thank you so much I already have a Monstera peru… but if you have a verigated one, I would love to swap.

Oh, I wish I have a variegated one, but I only have the regular one.

Ok thank you for your interest :blush:

i have a philodendron xanadu cutting if you would be interested in that?

Thank you so much for your offer but I already have that in my collection :blush:

Hey I have a philo micans? Been looking for obovata for ages :blush:

Oh thank you so much but i already have that one too…if you have any other, you can ask😊.
I am also interested in cebu blue or Manjula if you have any.

Hi! I just bought a cebu blue plant. It arrives home in a week so maybe I can take a cutting to swap with you.

Sure we can do a swap. I still have hoya cuttings😊

Great!! Can you show me a picture of the cuttings, please?

Did you get Pm from me?
I sent you pics there

Yes, I do! Thank you

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Hi, Aisha I have manjula pothos! Would you like to swap for the hoya obavata cuttings?

Check your pm. I’ve just sent the pics there.

Hi, I don’t have an obovata but would you be interested in any of my plants?