Loads of plants to swap

Hi @MariL I’d love to! I can take a cutting or two tomorrow and send you a photo. Do you have a photo of your silver sword?

I’m new here and relatively so to the world of house plants too. I am looking to increase my collection (currently less than ten and quite a few of those are very small) with some fairly easy to care for plants.

From what I have I could take cuttings from a tradescantia (not sure what variety but has lovely pink/purple underside of leaf) and also have a baby sprouting from my pilea peperomiodes. I have an aspidistra which I can divide. Also a begonia of unknown variety (large dark green leaves with burgundy veins and underside of leaf) which grows like the clappers and roots very quickly from cuttings. Happy to send photos.

I adore the variegated monstera but from what I gather it’s not for a novice! I’d be very interested in a watermelon peperomia cutting if possible. Or happy to take your advice if you think something else would be more suitable. I’m mainly looking to learn more about plants and slowly increase my collection.


I’d be interested in your aspidistra. I have a 3-leaf rooted watermelon peperomia cutting I could trade along with a Begonia Raddi cutting, unrooted but they root pretty quickly! If you’re interested, I can take photographs for you :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie,

I’d be happy with that! Would a two or three leaf division be ok for you? I need to work out how to safely post so any tips welcome. Would you like a photo of it? A lot of the older leaves have brown tips but I’ll try to give you the younger ones.

Just looked at your instagram - gorgeous!

That sounds perfect to me! A photo would be great.

Here a quick snap I took of the two plants. I’ve just noticed the begonia has sprouted a few roots! The watermelon isn’t the prettiest but it’s well established; I’ll send it potted up as I don’t want to disturb the roots.

If you’re happy to swap, I’ll send you a DM and we can exchange addresses :slight_smile:

They look lovely.

Here’s the aspidistra. I’m not sure why the tips have browned. Possibly not enough water or maybe needs a bigger pot? Also pictured is one of the younger leaves which I’ll make sure is in your division. I’ll see what the roots are like but might also be best to send potted up if I can. I’ll do my best :blush:.

Hope these pics show up. All I can see is code!

Amazing, thank you so much. I’ve just sent you a direct message :blush:

Hey, do you still have a neon pothos?

I have some neon Carla x

What would you like in return? Is it cuttings or a plant?

Do you have a list somewhere Carla? I have clumps of it rooting all over the place! X

I have satin pothos, micans, and Hoya tricolour all good cuttings though not rooted. I would be happy to pay if none of the above are of interest :blush:

Hey. Are you interested in any of the following please?
I currently have the following
Moonstone succulent
Spider plant
Aloe black gem alworthia
Not sure what type but I have lots of a blue/purple/green echeveria
Sedum stahlii
Crassula Ovata Jade plant
Echeveria setosa (Mexican Firecracker)
Burros Tail
Loooooads of what I believe to be an Echeveria blue prince
A ton of other succulents, pictures attached at the bottom

Not rooted
Delosperma echinatum (pickle plant)
Variagated Jade- Crassula ovata ‘lemon and lime’
Marble queen pothos
Neon pothos
Satin pothos
Rabbit’s foot prayer plant
Peperomia rotundifolia
Crassula rupestris
Prayer plant
Variety of cacti and succulents, pictures below
I’m interested in pretty much any other plants that I don’t have already but the following are on my wish list.

Hi, I’d be interested in the prayer plants - the rabbits foot and whichever other(s) you have :slight_smile: I already have hundreds of cacti and succulents so not looking for any more at the moment

Awesome, I’ll send some pictures tonight. I also have a monstera monkey mask which I didn’t list on there. I’m interested in your Watermelon peperomia, Small happy bean peperomia, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma and any succulents you have please.

Hello Sophie, I could send you a baby plant of my Silver Sword in exchange of a good size cutting or rooted micans, the baby is only 5cm but they grow super fast in the spring.

Hello @MariL - I have this good sized rooted cutting I’d be happy to trade for. Send me a DM and we can exchange details!

Hi Lianne,
I’d be interested in a cutting from your Neon Pothos, your Philodendron Silver Sword and/or you String of Hearts.
I have three Aglaonemas from which I can divide small babies:

Siam Aurora
Key Lime

I also have:

Begonia Albopicta Rosea (rooted)
Sansevieria Bacularis (rooted)
Monstera Deliciosa
Ficus Elastica
Homalomen Rubescens (rooted)
Tradescantia Pallida
Oxalis Triangularis (rooted)
a green-white-pink Coleus
Epipremnum Pinnatum N Joy

Let me know if you’re interested in anything.

Hey, are you in Germany or the UK? I’ve never sent plants abroad and I’d be especially nervous in the winter as it may take ages for them to arrive but I’m not ruling it out… I’m really interested in the homalomena and Aglaonema though. I’m not sure if I have any silver swords left but I definitely have neon pothos and both the normal and variegated string of hearts available!

I’m in Germany but I’m actually sending some cuttings to the UK tomorrow. I can let you know how the swapping worked out in terms of the temperature and travel. I just took some cuttings from my Homalomena,I’ll have to wait for some new babies to come. But I’d be happy to swap Aglaonema cuttings for the neon pothos + variegated string of hearts.