Loads of plants to swap

Not sure if you’re looking for any of these: Micans, Lemon Lime, and Brasil. None of my hoya are big enough to take cuttings from at the moment, unfortunately! Oh! I also have a small rooted watermelon peperomia plant.

I’d absolutely love the Dubia cutting if there’s anything that all that you’d be interested in of mine?

I have those three philos and watermelon peperomia (I think from yours). I’m sorry.

I saw your list and I’m not really after any of those plants. I’m sorry.

I do have a few different types of Philodendron if there are any of these that you’d be after?

Rooted cuttings: Painted lady and red emerald;
I also have the following that I haven’t taken cuttings from yet: Xanadu, Bipinnatifidium, Golden dragon and Squamiferum.

Yeh would be up for swapping for the little Dubia cutting? X

I’d like a painted lady if there is anything else of mine you’d like!!! X


I have a small Cissus rhombifolia Grape Ivy cutting (assuming it’s rooted, if not i can send some unrooted ones too)


Oooooh, yes please. I saw one in a shop but couldn’t afford to buy anything then and I’ve regretted it so much! What would you like to swap for it?

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What other plants on my want list do you have? I love my painted lady so it’s reserved for swapping with something super special!

Probably the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma cutting or the Carnivorous pitcher plant

Hi, I wouldn’t post any carnivorous plants in this kind of weather, they can’t deal with the cold unfortunately. If you’re local to Machynlleth or Aberystwyth then we could swap in person but otherwise I won’t be able to get it to you until at least the spring.

I have young plants of rhaphidophora rather than cuttings but I could take a fresh (unrooted) cutting from one if that’s better?

I’m not sure I doubt it! I have a sanservia moonshine and an alocasia cuprea with a pups I could remove…

Ah, I have a moonshine on its way to me from another swap! Not keen on cupreas tbh, they look like trilobites to me lol

Sitting in my plant room having a look around but I doubt I have anything you don’t! Hoya australis, syngoniums… no worries though I am sure you will get lots of offers xxx

Have Hoya carnosa tricolour and krimson queen both needing a trim too!

Cool! I will send you a picture of the dubia by PM tomorrow. Could I see a picture of the reflector too?

Well, I prefer rarer philodendron. However, I just took another dubia cutting for it to start rooting and maybe we can make a deal in the future.

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Great, I will DM you x

Hello Sophie I have a silver sword cutting that I would trade for a Micans cutting. Would you be interested? Based in N Ireland.