Loads of plants to swap

Hello all, I’m new here but not new to the world of plants! I have around 700 houseplants and quite a few are up for swaps, as below.

I have full plants of:
String of Hearts
Variagated string of hearts
Watermelon peperomia
Small happy bean peperomia
Acorn peperomia
Neon pothos
Small pots of Epipremnum aureum, Njoy and marble queen
Tradescantia tricolour, T. zebrina and Calissia repens
Small dracaena (various different types)
Syngonium neon robusta
Syngonium white butterfly
Syngonium Berry illusion
Syngonium Sunshine Speckle
Philodendron hastatum “silver sword”
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
2 different types of small crotons
Small parlour palms
Mini ficus trees (Benjamina and robusta)
Small Dieffenbachia camilla
Asparagus ferns (sprengeri and plumosa)
I also have loads of lucky bamboo (both straight and curly varieties)

For swaps not requiring postage:
Tall plaited Pachira Aquatica
Many different cacti and succulents including a very heavy pot of mixed cacti (4ft tall, maybe?)
Lots of types of dracaena
Carnivorous pitcher plants

For the right swap, I may be able to offer some rarer plants such as different types of variagated aspidistras or I would consider taking a cutting from my beloved MD borsigiana albo variagata

I would like various kinds of:
Rarer tradescantia (I have over 30 species so far)
Grape Ivy/Cissus rhombifolia

Based in Wales, UK. Happy to trade multiple plants for any rarer plants being offered. I sell many of my plants for charity so I will happily consider more ordinary plants that I already have if they sell well in my area so don’t be put off in making offers!

I’d be interested in a Philodendron Silver Sword cutting. I have 3 trailing philodendrons I could take cuttings from at the moment: Brasil, Micans, and Lemon Lime if you’re interested in any of those?

I have quite a few other plants too. I recently posted them all on Instagram: @thehouseplanthunter (it’s saved under the ‘plant tour’ highlight). If you see anything you like :slight_smile:

Hi, the silver sword is a fully established plant rather than just a cutting so it would depend on the size of the cuttings… I have a single-leaf lemon-lime Philo cutting but it isn’t rooting particularly well so I’d be interested in some more of that though!

My Lemon Lime is pretty big so I could most likely remove a rooted section for you. Would you be able to take a cutting of the Silver Sword? If so, I’ll take a photograph for you tomorrow.

I have an large Aglaonema I could separate.
Also have small Syngonium erythrophyllum ‘Red Arrow’ cuttings rooting.
Maranta leuconeura rooting in water
Monstera adansonii
A couple of Dieffenbachia Reflector babies have appeared on my large plant which i could also separate out.
Let me know if anything takes your fancy.

I’d be interested in a Syngonium ‘Red Arrow’ cutting if there are any of my plants you’d like? :upside_down_face:

Hi both, I have no idea how this site works or how you send private messages or address messages separately so bear with me!

@imsophiedavies, I’d be happy with that swap, I’ll get a photo of my silver sword shortly for you :slight_smile:

@vicflora what would you be looking for in exchange for the Aglaonema and/or syngonium? As awesome as the reflectors look, I’m so allergic to Dieffenbachia that if I even touch them then my hands bleed (same with schefflera!)

Perfect @nionthrie I’ll send you a direct message :slight_smile:

Hey, Sophie - yeh I probably would!
Do you have a list anywhere?

I guess the Aglaonema would be like a small plant but the syngonium is just a two leaf cutting. Could send pics this evening.
Would be interested in the silver sword but I see Sophie has already got dibs on it!!! My last cutting of Rhaphidophora tetrasperma died so I guess I could give it another bash!

@vicflora I don’t have a list… but I shared all my plants on Instagram recently (under my ‘plant tour’ highlight).

Are you looking for anything in particular or interested in certain plants? I know you have a lot already so I’m not sure if I’ve got anything you really want but I can try! :joy:

@nionthriem, I see from my other thread that you are looking for some micans - I have just potted up my last cuttings and have them in my office but I am happy to pop a couple of stems into water for you tonight - mine grows like a weed!

Will check it out Sophie x

@imsophiedavies your apartment is to die for!

The plants I would be interested in are probably quite precious…
Pink princess
Macodes petola
Maranta lemon and lime


Ah, yes. My macodes and maranta are too small for propagating at the moment and my pink princess is waiting until spring to be cut (to try to get some of the vivid pink back)!

Thank you for considering a trade though - maybe next time :slight_smile:

No problem!
Will keep them rooting in water and will be glad to trade soon xxx

@Zermar these are the plants that I have for swaps :slight_smile:

Hi Victoria I would be interested in the dieffembachia reflector. I have several cuttings to trade:
P. Micans (rooted)
M. Karstenianum (unrooted)
Begonia maculata (rooted)
Hoya linearis(rooted)
Hoya polyneura (rooted)
Dischidia nummularia (unrooted)
Peperomia raindrop (rooted)
Monstera dubia (little cutting rooting)

Let me know if you go for any of them


I’d really love to a polyneura cutting, I’ve been looking everywhere! Are there any other plants you’re after? Or could I pay for a cutting at all? :crossed_fingers:

Hi, what plants do you have to swap? Specially any hoya, alocasia, syngonium, monstera or philodendron?