Let's Trade! Plants listed available to trade

New here, but let’s trade! I’ve been desperately in search of a small thai constellation monstera, or a cutting of strawberry shake philodendron that I don’t have to sell my soul to purchase. If anyone has either that they would be willing to trade for any combination of the below, please DM me. I also love most aroids & pothos, so DM me if you have anything else you’d like to trade for on my list:

Willing to trade:
monstera albo borsigiano
burle marx fantasy philodendron
silver glory string of hearts
painted lady philodendron
hoya kentiana lori lynn
variegated hoya compacta
silvery anne pothos (trade pothos?)
marble queen pothos (trade pothos?)
watermelon pepperomia

Hi. I will be interested in the variegated Hoya compacta. Do you like variegated golden Hawaiian Pothos runner vines?