Let's swap a bit :)

Hello lovely plant people!
I’ll post pictures of all the plants I could take cuttings/leaves from.
I would be interested in anything I don’t have and is not too difficult to keep alive :smiley: (not a cacti fan tho)
First pic:
1 Monstera deliciosa cutting
2 syngonium podophyllum schott
3 I believe a syngonium strawberry or pink allusion
4 string of hearts
5 sort of peperomia ID needed
6 bulbine frutescens
7 peperomia red log
8 peperomia angulata
Second pic
1 ID needed
2 gryphon begonia
3 peperomia polybotrya raindrop
4 peperomia caperata of sort?
5 peperomia obtusifolia , variegated and not
6 philodendron N-joy
7 curly spider plant
8 dieffenbachia
9 fittonia
third pic
forth pic
fifth pic
1 phlebodium aureum blue star fern
2 rhaphidophora Tetrasperma monstera minima
3 philo brasil
4 begonia inca flame (I think)
5 hoya carnosa tricolor

And I have a peperomia watermelon and a pilea too.

Hi there,

I would be interested in your

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Monstera Minima
Philodendron Brasil
Hoya Carnosa Tricolor
String of Hearts

At the moment I can take cuttings from the following:

Aglaonema Siam Aurora
Aglaonema Key Lime
Aglaonem Maria
Begonia Albopicta Rosea
Sansevieria Bacularis
Ficus Elastica
Homalomen Rubescens
Tradescantia Pallida
Oxalis Triangularis
a green-white-pink Coleus

Let me know if you’re interested in anything and I can send you pictures.

Hi Marie, thanks for your reply, I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile: