Last trade for the year - have lots of cebu blue and others!

Hi all,

Putting it out there for the last trade of the year for me. Message me on IG @lowkeyplantlady

I have a cebu blue that keeps hitting the ground, so I will be trimming off at least foot long lengths to trade. They don’t all have lush leaves as it’s newer growth but you can definitely cut them up and root each to your liking. Happy to send you a pic. The rest of my list:


  • philodendron micans / velvet leaf
  • philodendron scandens / heart leaf
  • epipremnum pinnatum “cebu blue”
  • red maranta / prayer plant
  • euphorbia tirucalli “firesticks” (this I will cut at the time of trading since it needs to callous over anyway)
  • Persian shield (cuttings, sometimes don’t ship well)
  • variegated opunta (monocantha, I think) cactus
  • sanseviera ballyi pup
  • fernleaf orchid cactus
  • marble queen pothos
  • Rhipsalis baccifera / mistletoe cactus
  • monstera deliciosa (meetup only in NYC)

#want - my wishlist, but happy to hear what you have!

  • Aglaonema picta tricolor
  • dischidia nummularia / string of nickels
  • silver dollar vine
  • rhaphidophora tetrasperma
  • begonia pavonina
  • alocasia cuprea
  • rhaphidophora cryptantha (or other shingling types)
  • albuca Concordiana
  • philodendron White Knight
  • Variegated Hoya kerrii
  • Portulaca Maraca
  • Peperomia pink lady
  • peperomia polybotrya


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