Last few trades before fall

Hi everyone :slight_smile:️
I’m looking to do some last trades before the colder weather arrives.

Pink princess philodendron
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
Variegated monstera
White knight
Calathea orbifolia

Have the following cuttings :
Neon pothos
Silver satin pothos
Cebu blue
Maranta lemon lime
Neon philodendron
Marble queen pothos
Hoya Chelsea
Monstera adansonii
Baby snake plants
Hoya krimson princess
Pilea peperomiodes (baby)

I also have one 6” Calathea makoyana and calathea medallion that I will trade for a pink princess.

My Instagram is @Laurasjungle , DM to see what deals we can make. Thanks! :green_heart: