Just a newbie in the plant community

Hey fellow plant lovers! I’m so glad I came across this! So I thought I had a ton of plants, but I’ve truly been awaken to the fact that i barely have anything compared to most of y’all! Haha… I’m not gonna act like I know every plant name and every fact about them, but I’m learning and collecting as I go!

I have
Golden pothos
Spider plant
String of bananas
A few different types of cacti and succulents
Philodendron (not sure what kind)
I’ve got a few other types, but they’re still too young to clip or separate… maybe later.

Looking for
Something new!
I really like…
string of pearls
Fiddle leaf fig
Prayer plant
String of turtles
Stephania erecta (pretty sure that’s it)
Hanging/vining plants
Colorful foliage
Fun and funky!
If you have something you think I may like, let me know or post a picture… I’m also accepting donations :grinning::v: