Jerusalem Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) seedling to swap

Hi there guys!

So 1,5 years ago my girlfriend and I went to Israel we stayed in this amazing bed and breakfast in the middle of Jerusalem. Attached to this was a tiny oasis build by the family owning the place. At breakfast on our first day we were given these amazing dates, like you can’t believe the sweet taste of them it was almost like someone had crossed a plum with a date and added some sweet Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) honey directly into the veins of the date itself. woow what a punch that first kick of flavor was. We stared talking to the lady running the B&B and being the nature geek that I’m I quickly turned the conversation to the amazing fruit she had given us. She smiled and told us how it was her families pride to take care of these trees, since her grade grandfather planted them in the 1800s when he bought the property. When we left a few days later she came up to the car and gifted us a small bag of these amazing dates. We decided to safe the seeds and plant them.

We ended up with about 25 seeds, of which we planted 10 seeds last December. The saplings are growing amazing we have 7 of them right now about 15 to 20 cm high. Of which we are offering one to swap if anybody is interested. Don’t be shy to contact us. By doing this swap you would help us start out on another new project we are doing together, a trading up or red paperclip project.