It’s almost springtime! Looking for some hoyas

Hey plant friends it’s almost springtime!! Looking for some plant babies to start the season off!
In search of:
Hoya mathilde
Fishtail hoya
Pink philodendron ** but who isn’t right! **
White knight philodendron **aka white whale **
Anthurium clarinerium

Check out my insta @Petalsinfullbloom n message me if ur interested in trading.
*please don’t ask to trade a rare plant for a commonly found plant. Thank you all!

In the past years, I had seen the white knight available for online orders from Logee’s. If a few people from the forum went together and pooled, one person could order it, divide it up, and mail out the cuttings :slight_smile:

Note: I’m in no way associated with the linked site nor do I get any sort of commission.


I don’t have any of the plants you’re looking for, but I have a few hoyas. I didn’t see a hoya krinkle 8, bilobata, or macrophylla on your feed. :woman_shrugging:t2: