ISO vining plants

I’m really looking for cebu blue, variegated, or pearls and jade pothos, philodendron micans, or monstera adansonii wide form, and hoyas, but will accept anything I dont have!

I have Scindapsus pictus, philodendron brazil, philodendron lemon lime, Marble queen pothos, Manjula pothos, green philodendron, monstera adansonii wide form, Hemigraphis Repand, and a bunch of rooted spider plant babies

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Hi there! I have cebu blue cuttings i just took about a week ago (haven’t checked for roots yet, likely none yet, but should be soon). I’d be happy to trade for some manjula pothos.

Hi! I have some jade pothos, and neon pothos already rooted, and I have some Mican’s currently rooting if you would like to swap!

I have a few rooted manjula cutting pots I could trade! would that work for you?

Would you like wandering Jew? I have a green and a purple. I can totally root then for you if you give me a few weeks.