ISO variegated string of Hearts or Silver Glory

Hi! I’m searching for some different varieties of SOH or even SOT, I’m looking for cuttings that are decently sized or maybe even rooted if I’m lucky. I’m willing to pay if the price is right. I also have a decent amount of plants if you’re looking for something specific to trade.

I have a variegated string of hearts and string of turtles. What plants do you have that you’re willing to swap?

I have silver satin pothos (exotica), cissus discolor, rubber trees, neon pothos, philodendron bipennifolium, p. Pedatum, blushing philo, monsters adansonii, hoya krinkle8, Hoya carnosa, Hoya tricolor, hoya pubicalyx, variegated maranta, variegated bear paws, the smaller version of silver satin pothos, one leaf hoya kerri, philodendron Brazil, peace lily domino, burros tail, etc I have a bit of other things too so it may be easier for you to tell me what you’re looking for. If I dont have it I may also be able to find it :slight_smile: also a lot of the listed plants would be unrooted but I can root them for you if neccessary

I’ve got a bunch of rooted variegated string of hearts I’d be interested in trading for cissus discolor if the above trade doesn’t work out.

Awesome! Do you have an IG ? We can exchange photos and info :slight_smile: