ISO silver glory string of hears

I have:
Philodendron painted lady rooted cutting
Philodendron hastatum mature node cutting
Philodendron bloody Mary cutting and small plant
Philodendron green emerald and red emerald cuttings
Philodendron pedatum
I have some other things too

I have silver glory string of hearts that I would love to trade with you for your painted lady if ur interested. I have attached the photo for you I could probably get some cuttings possibly a rooting. Message me on insta if your interested
Leah @Petalsinfullbloom

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Hi, that’s great, thank you! You can choose which cutting you would like.

It’s been a while since new leaves have grown because of winter, so the leaves have darkened over time. Let me know if you want another angle of one or both.

Interested in more cuttings to trade?