ISO Philodendrons, Hoyas, and Pothos

Hi, I’m looking to trade for some Neon Pothos, Cebu Blue Pothos, any kind of Hoya I don’t already have (I have Hoya Carnosa and Hindu Rope) or any kind of Philodendron I don’t already have (I have Philodendron Micans and Philodendron Brasil).

I have the following up for trade: Ctenanthe Lubbersiana, Mother of Thousands, Philodendron Micans, African Milk Tree, Hoya Carnosa, Hindu Rope, Thanksgiving Cactus, Agave, and Pencil Cactus. If you don’t have anything I’m looking for, I’d still love to know what you’ve got, so just let me know if you’re interested.

I have some cebu blue and lemon lime philodendron I got from a swap but both are in pretty rough shape from the shipping so it might take a little for me to nurse them back into shape. I’m interested in your micans. You can also see all of my other plants on my Instagram @lbtropicals to see if there’s anything else you’d like. Thanks!

Wow!! You have some beautiful plants! I’m not sure what plants you have that you’d be willing to part with or take cuttings from, so a list of plants would be great! Also, would you be willing to trade a Lemon Lime Philodendron cutting as well as something else in exchange for 3 rooted Philodendron Micans cuttings? I would also be more than happy to wait for however long it takes for your Neon Pothos to recover.

The lemon lime philodendron came with some rooted and some unrooted and while the future for the unrooted ones isn’t looking to good, I have hope for the rooted ones. They lost some leaves but as soon as they start putting out new ones I’ll be happy to swap them. The cebu blue seems to be doing well, especially since they’re growing roots, but the leaves were very dried out when I received it and haven’t really recovered. Pretty much an plant I can take a cutting from is available, except for my larger or rare plants like both my monstera deliciosas and my anthurium warocqueanum. My most popular plants that people like to swap with are my begonia wightii and variegated prayer plant, both of which i can currently take a cutting from. I also have lots of rooted begonia wightii. If your interested in either of those or something else I have, just let me know!

I love your Monstera Adansonii and your Variegated Prayer Plant. If you’d be willing to take a cutting from the Adansonii, I would rather get an Adansonii cutting and a variegated prayer plant cutting. If you don’t want to take a cutting from your Adansonii (which I’d completely understand because it is a gorgeous plant), I’d love a variegated prayer plant cutting and a lemon lime Pothos cutting.

I definitely can take a cutting of the adansonii but I will warn you occasionally it puts out a leaf that doesn’t unroll in time so some of it rots. That’s unfortunately happened to the latest leaf. Not much of a problem though considering it puts out a new leaf every week. Let me know if you’re still interested. I’m actually not home right now so I can’t take a picture, but I’ll send one as soon as I am.

Yes, I would love an Adansonii cutting as well as a variegated prayer plant cutting in return for 3 rooted Micans cuttings. Do you want to exchange info on Instagram?

Sure! sounds good to me