ISO Philodendron gabby/cream splash/rio

Hi! I’m looking for some Philodendron gabby/cream splash/rio/silver stripe. I have a few plants I can trade :slight_smile:

I have:
Philo white princess
Philo burle marx
Philo verrucossum

Hi, I have a lot of this, but I live in the US. I’ve never done an international trade, but have I bought plants from the UK and it’s been fine. If you’re interested I can send a pic. I’d be interested in seeing your white princess. Thanks! -January

Hi! Not sure how to get plants from the US :thinking: I think I might need to register in the UK government as an importer to be able to import plants.

Hey, this may help you both :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a philo Brazil, Phil Marble, Philo Neon, Philo Gold. All healthy large plants. Let me if you are interested. I would like to do a swap with your Philo burle marx
Gemma :slight_smile:

can u send me message please i m willing to trade with your philidendron silver strip rio if u still has it