ISO Philodendron Brandtianum

I have:
Philodendron painted lady rooted cutting
Philodendron hastatum mature node cutting
Philodendron bloody Mary cutting and small plant
Philodendron green emerald and red emerald cuttings
Philodendron pedatum
I have some other things too

Hello, I’d be interesed in trading some fresh (unrooted) P. brandtianum cuttings for P. pedatum?

Hi, okay great, do you have a picture of what you would trade? My Pedatum plant is healthy and grows really fast. This cutting started rooting within a few days.

Happy healthy plant, smallish leaves as I have it trailing not climbing. Happy to take a several node cutting of this

Hi, okay yeah that would be nice, thank you. This is actually my first time trading online. I usually only purchase plants. How do we go about it? Do we just exchange addresses and trust that it will be sent, or is there a specific way of going about it?


Yep, I will send you a message so we can swap addresses permanently and we can decide on a day that we will both send. I always send the tracking number to the reciepient as soon as I drop it at the post office so that we both know what/when to expect to receive things. But otherwise, yep, it’s trust. I’ve traded a bit before, and if you have instagram, I’m happy to send you to people I’ve traded with in the past for a referral.

Hi, okay great, I trust! I was just curious if there was some formal way of being safe about it, but I have no issues. I think people who do this just care about plants and want to have fun trading. Thanks!

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hi there! i saw that you were trading p. brandi and i was wondering if you had anymore and what you would be looking for in a trade?

Hi, I was actually looking to get the Brandi. I found someone to trade it with on this site if you want to ask them: leafed.coast

sorry, I’m new to this site and the way to messages work is very confusing. I thought you were asking me about it, but now I see you were asking the right person.

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Hi Angie, I could be convinced to chop a little more, I don’t suppose you’d have a Hoya polyneura or any interesting begonia species?

hi! i found some but thank you for the reply (:blush:

What I received and the image you sent me, very sad

The image you sent me and what I received…

This will not recover, it is dead

Hi January, I’m sorry this happened and I have no idea what happened with shipping. I’m currently working with you to reship and have yet to receive your package, so we may have hit a bad weather window, but I’m doing my best to make this right.

Yes, please feel at ease to receive my package before moving forward as I am not in a rush, jusy want o get the plant we traded is all. And thanks again for sending a replacement plant.
Talk soon,

Not sure if you are still looking, I have a rehab, slightly wonky looking, but well rooted Brandi - interested in rooted painted lady!

Hi, thank you, I do have Briandi. We had briefly discussed your Llano carti rd. I traded with someone else but it has been lost in the mail for 10 days and have no idea where it is, so it will probably be dead. I would love to find some still. Not sure what you might like to trade. I have lots of rio, though it was sold at my nursery as cream splash, I think it’s just highly variegated rio…

Actually, I just saw this and it is what mine looks like, so now there’s a third name, “gabby sport” that it could be. Anyway, whatever it is it looks like this. I don;t have an image link system but I can email you images of mine if you’re interested.