ISO Philo Mican or Silver Dollar Vine

Good morning. Been looking for mican or silver dollar vine. IG: cashnplants
I’ve got:
nepenthes (pitcher plant)
Silver satin
Pothos njoy
Monstera adansonii
Monstera deliciosa
String of hearts
Hoya krimson queen
Ctenanthe lubbersiana
Marantas - spotted - red stripe - lemon lime
Philodendron cobra (monstera standleyana)

I have philodendron micans :slightly_smiling_face: I would love some monstera standleyana

I would also love to trade for a cobra philodendron. Is there anything else you would want to trade for?

Yay, send me a message through IG: cashnplants

I have a little wishlist Prior post also would be interested in variegated SOH, begonia tamaya, lucerna, and other philodendron vines (lemon, gabby or silver stripe)