ISO Peperomia Prostrata (string of turtles)

My cat keeps eating my tiny cuttings I got a bit ago, they are rooting, but not as fast as she wants to eat them! Please help a girl out! My available cutting to trade are below! Thank you :slight_smile: #plantykindnessproject

I have:
Hoya Bella,
Hoya bilobata,
Scindapsis pictus the small leafed one, not Exotica,
Thaumatophyllum selloum aka philodendron hope,
Angel wings begonias, small and large,
Other Rex and cane begonias,
Sansevieria moonshine,
Piles peperomioides,
Variegated string of buttons

Hey! I have some Peperomia prostrata growing in a terrarium that I would be willing to take cuttings of. Grows like crazy!

I’m interested in your manjula pothos and Hoya wayetti! Thanks!

P.S. this is my first time on Houseplant Swap, so if you want to chat more details in DM, let me know how!

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The picture below is how to get to the next ‘trust level’ which means we can direct message after you hit it! It’s not hard. I am also new to the platform and am trying to figure everything out as well (:

Plus, I can spare cuttings of my wayetii. Unfortunately my manjula isn’t too big right now and I’m about to trade a cutting I took from it yesterday

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