ISO Oxalis bulbs x

Got all sorts, I’m looking for preferably lots of bulbs or recommendations! Thanks x

What is ISO? I only have iron cross.

@Mildred.DOOM In Search Of! Iron cross bulbs would be great! How many have you got? What are you looking for?

I have a plant pot full they’re obviously all alive doing their thing… They get abit pissy when you dig them up but they soon get going again. I’m not too fussy really, aroids don’t like me much but I am rather good at arids :grin:

Ohh great! I have
Marble Queen Pothos
Peperomia Rotundifolia
Peperomia rosso
Pachyveria Schedeckerii
Crassula Gollum
Syngonium White butterfly
ZZ raven

Have you got a pic of the white butterfly?
This is my plant and I’ll just lifts the bulbs once ready

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Oh wow that’s huge! I can only do cuttings I’m afraid! I’d be more than happy with a division. I’ll send photos in a bit x

I also have some Kalanchoe Bryophyllum if you’re interested in that x

I have a few MoTs, the syngonium looks alot like my basic syngonium, isn’t butterfly abit more patterned?

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Oh I’m not sure, I just asked on Facebook and was told it’s a white butterfly. I think white butterfly is the basic one. I also have Peperomia rosso if you’re interested in that?

Hey I have purple oxalis and can send you 5-6 bulbs (with stems) if you have any aroid cuttings to swap? let me know. xx Danai

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Id also exchange some of my purple oxalis for your iron cross, if you want :slight_smile:
See above for photos

syngonium podophyllum is what I’d refer to mine as, white butterfly is definitely a variation of it and I don’t believe yours has that :sweat_smile: but I’m no expert and it’s easier when you have the plant with you to see its colours patterns etc.
I have a few Rosso leaves pupping ATM but peps aren’t a genus that I’m particularly bowled over by :sweat_smile:

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Lol sure… I had one once but its home got repurposed during hibernation and it hasn’t popped up again :joy: doesn’t hurt to get another pot going and label it this time :sweat_smile:

I know these are supposed to hibernate but mine just dont (presumably because they’re indoors all the time?). they flower and grow all year round its nice.
No worries if you dont want any!


Mine hibernated just as everyone else’s were waking up 🤷 DM me your deets and I’ll go dig some up, as above the leafs will strop in post but the bulbs are good to fire out more :+1: I’ll get back to soon… Doing Million jobs at once badly :joy:

Hiya! That sounds great! I could swap for marble Queen or maybe Philodendron brasil?

happy for some marble queen cuttings to make mine bushier! PM me :slight_smile:

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