ISO mature Monstera Deliciosa cutting

I’m looking for a mature fenestrated monstera Deliciosa cutting. I have the following plants/cuttings I could swap for.

Cebu blue cuttings
Begonia maculata wightii
Rhaphidophra Tetrasperma
ZZ raven
Philodendron Camposportoanum
Hoya obovata
Monstera stiltipecana
Monstera Borsigiana
Pilea Peperomioides

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Hi! I have a mature Monstera Deliciosa I can take a cutting of for you! My Instagram is my.jungle.abode, and I can send you a picture of the cutting there. I’d love a ZZ Raven cutting in return!

Hello, I have a rooted mature monstera plant I can send you. I’m interested in a few of your plants my Instagram is grow_power I can send you some pictures on there

I am very interested in the Monstera Borsigiana. This would be a variegated monstera, correct?
I have some monstera deliciosa propagations going on now and some are fenestrated. I am willing to send a couple of pictures to show you what I have.


I have both a variegated and unvariegated Monstera Borsigiana but I’m only trading my unvariegated version. Sorry for any confusion.


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No Worries. I appreciate your response.