ISO Hoyas and Philodendrons

Hi I have quite a collection of different plants and cuttings that I’m willing to trade. I’m looking for philodendrons and Hoyas I dont already have. Please let me know if you have either of the two and hopefully I have something of interest to you. I also have some more uncommon plants that I can possibly trade if I can get a uncommon philo or hoya in return :slight_smile: please let me know !

Hey nherrera00! I currently have some Heart Leaf Philodendron Brasil cuttings I am rooting, if you are interested.

Hello, I’m sorry I already have some heart-leaf philo but I appreciate the message ! :green_heart: thankyou

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ive got a philo painted lady and micans!

I’d love a painted lady or some micans, do you have an ig? Mine is @hausofbotanicals is there any plants you’re particularly interested in

hey i couldnt find your ig! mine is @stay.rooted_

im currently looking for hoyas that i dont have

Hi, I’m not sure which hoya you have or what you are looking for. I have hoya mathilde that I am willing to trade for fishtail hoya.

Hi I’m sorry I dont have any fishtail hoya but I do have hoya carnosa, tricolor, pachyclada, bella and kerri. I had other more uncommon Hoyas but I already swapped them :frowning:

Do you have pics of Hoya carnosa?

Sorry for the late reply ! Yes I do, I’ll post some photos tomorrow since I’m out of town today :slight_smile:

Hi there! I have some Hoya Bilobata (DS-70) cuttings I would trade if you have any philo cuttings :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for your offer but I already have hoya bilobata

Cool! Do you have a Hoya sheperdii?

No I dont have any hoya shepherdii but I’m currently looking for a bit more uncommon Hoyas

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Hi! Would you be interested in a Philodendron Royal Queen? I’m looking to swap it for a Hoya Mathilde.

Hi, I dont have hoya mathilde but thank you for the offer