ISO: Hoya adansonii

If anyone has a Hoya adansonii plant or cutting for sale/trade, please let me know. I am willing to buy or trade if I have something you want.

Do you perhaps mean monstera adansonii? Or is there a other Hoya you might have meant? I dont think a hoya adansonii exists.

I did…Lol!

My bad!

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I have a monstera adonsonii cutting! They’re rather large leaves.

I do have a monstera adansonii, the narrow form.

What do you have for trade?

And Hoya obtisifolia
Cymbidium(?) orchid
Beefsteak begonia
Moonlight mother in law tongue
Hindu Rope houa

I would have to wait a few days before I can get something shipped because it is in the 30’s at night here!

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So sorry, just saw this reply now

I have none of those plants. So I mean… obviously I’d love them all, haha. But if you don’t want to give away all those cuttings then
The hindu rope and the moonlight snake plant would be my wishlist items

I have two adansonii vines I can potentially send you

Not sure if you’re interested in much else but I have some Tradescantia zebrina, peperomia rosso and African violet, and avacado tree that are quite well rooted too? Check out my Instagram if you want @ninjava

That sounds great!
I can definitely send your two wish list plants. I have to root the Hoya again (I kinda neglected it when I broke my ankle…)

My understanding of shipping plants is that it needs to be done when it is warmer that’s 30’s and 40’s at night.

So do you want to go ahead and risk it or do you want to wait until it warms up a bit in the spring?

I’d probably think it best to wait. I live on the west coast, and if you did as well we may be able to make it on a warm week. But I’m patient and the longer we wait the better the roots right? :slight_smile:

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Just letting you know I have not forgotten you!

Haha, I havent forgotten you either, and these adansonii grow like crazy so I always seem to have more cuttings

I have some string of Dolphins if your willing to trade for adansonii cuttings!

Sorry, I already have a full plant!

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Wow! So I finally remembered about this page and the promise to send you plants!

All I can say is that when COVID hit life got crazy for a bit (and still is).

What did we finally agree to trade?
I have a Hindu rope Hoya rooted in water and a piece of an orchid (cymbidium?) I can send soon.

Well, wow. Life has been crazy here too.

Do you have an Instagram? I’m @lady.plants if you want to reach out to me there? I think I have both the plants you thought you were going to send. I have adansonii still for you but maybe we can find something else for you to trade